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Happy New Year!!!
HI hope everyone had a great christmas and happy new year. The site is being updated asap with the most current pics of Abbie and her Big Sisters. Check it out. There are pics on the pic page and also the new baby page.
Whats New?
12-31-02- Abigail Elizabeth Gentry arrives @7:28pm
1-2-03 Momma and Baby come home
Welcome To Our Home Page
Thanks again for looking. On the site you will find family pictures and updates on what is happening in our life. Thanks and enjoy!

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Hi there, if you would take a moment, Please send us your updated info. ie: Home address, phone, email. Thanks
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Check out My puppets
There are a few puppet pics on this page below. All I have made myself. A few originals and a few muppets. Check it out.

some of the Fun we have at our House
Kelsey has the talent of stretching her face into funny poses.
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